Chinook Directory

The staff at Chinook are always warm and welcoming; helping to create a place that feels comfortable and secure.

Picture of Toni Moon

Toni Moon Network Director of
Wellness Education and Employment Developement

Picture of Deb Sprague

Deb Sprague 
Program Director of Wellness
and Chinook

Kitchen Unit Coordinator -Ezra Cohen

Ezra Cohen
Food Service Manager

Administration Unit Coordinator -Bruce Levy

Bruce Levy
Voc. Rehab Office Manager

Vocational Specialist -Kari Gottschling

Kari Gottschling
Vocational Specialist

Admin Assistant -Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith
Admin Assistant

Vocational Specialist -Carol Crabtree

Carol Crabtree
Vocational Specialist

Vocational Specialist -Lauren Riley

Lauren Riley
Vocational Specialist

Food Service Specialist -Jessica Hersh

Jessica Hersh
Food Service Specialist