The Vocational Resource Center

"Working Out"

The Members of the Vocational Staff

The goals of rehabilitation and recovery bring our members to the doors of the Vocational Resource Center. There we assist members with the process of employment. From taking their first steps into the building to continued support for an independent position.

Our approach starts with constant communication with the administrative and kitchen units on the progress of each member. Not everyone is ready to join the workforce at the same pace and we ensure each member has the skills and stamina to succeed.

From there a wide variety of opportunities are available. Our stages are flexible, and we offer our aid at any level the member requires:

  • We prepare volunteer work opportunities for those ready to participate in community, non-profit organizations.
  • We offer Transitional Employment Services, which connect our members to various local businesses that have given us their support by always having a temporary, part time, entry-level job available just for us. These positions allow us to provide relevant job coaching and are always supported by a back-up in the case of absence.
  • For those members ready for a permanent position in their chosen field we have Supported Employee Assistance. We offer advocacy, help in securing an interview and train members in the vital skills necessary for the search such as:  resume building; help with applications and interview coaching. Once a good match is found we continue to extend guidance and support with the member and the employer.
  • Those who do not need more intensive vocational aid, and may not need or want to disclose his disability to the employer can still benefit from our Independent Employment Assistance program.


We work in partnership with the State of Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (D.V.R.), which offers support for both the person seeking employment, and the employers. While a member might be more focused on such things as training, job-related expenses, and career counseling, an employer receives incentives for hiring a person with a disability, such as help accessing the IRS' Work Opportunity Tax Credit and more.

Work is not only essential to our economy but it is also essential to ourselves. Having a place to go and a job to do can empower an individual. Working with members, employers and The D.V.R we are able to create opportunities to do just that.