Chinook Office Services

"Work like you don't need the money."

The Admin Unit At Work

Recovery requires not only action, but also a sense of society. Chinook Office Services gives our members an opportunity to join a community that will nurture their confidence so they can step into a larger world.  We do this by presenting an office environment that allows members to learn new skills, both social and practical.

From gathering the statistics we need for funding to designing a newsletter, our members can experience the variety of administrative duties needed in the professional world.

Teamwork is just as important as learning how to use a computer. And we are all, members and staff alike, able to present feedback, respond to questions and shuffle the workload so no one person feels burdened. Just as one would expect from salaried employment.

Through relevant work essential to the running of Chinook our members can see the affects of their contribution.

  • Members can improve their computer and layout skills by helping to produce the weekly and monthly news letters. Both of these require developing an understanding of the popular publishing software used, which also increases confidence as they find ways to pursue knowledge in a manner suited to them.
  • We develop social activities and circulate the information necessary to get them going, letting our members see the direct results of helping to build and enhance the Chinook community.
  • We encourage our members to personally connect with others by holding morning meetings, crafting birthday cards and conducting outreach to missing members. Communication is vital to any business, and the starting points of all forms are based upon interpersonal skills.
  • We provide opportunities to understand projects with real needs and real deadlines. The Beautiful Art for Beautiful minds is one such example. Contacting artist, designing flyers, invitations and place cards as well as organizing advertising and slideshows are all required for the event to run smoothly.
  • If you call us during business hours the person who picks up the phone is likely to be one of our friendly lively members. Many companies, regardless of their size, give their administration team shifts to run the front desk. Learning to manage a multiple line system, paging, and schedules can give our members a head start.

Work is always at the pace of the individual and is scaled to interest and participation. For some of our members just showing up is a challenge, while others struggle with the practice of work. We provide a safe way for them to tackle their obstacles, as and when they are ready.

There is always more to do. And it can be done.  As a member finds his stride he will be getting closer to rejoining society, not just as a taxpayer, but as a part of industry. Here the process is more important than the product. But when a member has gained the ground he needs, he will be able to master both.  Envision the poise he will have when he takes first step. It is a beautiful thing.